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GOLD Award winning design at Best of NeoCon 2016! Maars has developed the lineaCube as an answer to the increasing demand for cells in open plan offices, to allow people to work, call and meet in a concentrated way. The lineaCube is an independent space with its own ventilation, acoustic insulation and absorption, with power, data, audio and lighting integrated into the ceiling.

Lighting possibilities

Integrated LED mood lighting

Media Walls

Optional integrations:

Apple TV

Touch-screen technology

Automation packages

Lowest sections in the world

Height of only 22mm / less than 1 inch

Unique door

Concealed hinges

Pivot construction

Fully flush


The layout of the lineaCube is open to endless variation from a one-person office to a consulting room with separate compartments.

Unlimited length

Width up to 4 metres / 13 ft.

Height up to 3 metres / 10 ft.

Concept boardroom

Concept meeting room

Concept consulting rooms

Concept focus workstations

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